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Ocefix (Cefixime 200mg) Tab


Ocefix is a brand of Cefixime, an antibiotic that can be used to treat various types of bacterial infections. It can be used to treat infections such as: Otitis media (middle ear infection), Strep throat, Pneumonia, Urinary tract infections, Gonorrhea and Lyme disease. Here are some important details about cefixime:

How It Works:

  • Cefixime inhibits the formation of bacterial cell walls, which bacteria need to survive.
  • By reducing the number of bacteria in your body, it helps your immune system fight the infection.


  • Do not take cefixime if you are allergic to cefixime or similar antibiotics.
  • Inform your doctor if you are allergic to penicillins.
  • Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not fully established.

How to Take Cefixime:

  • Follow the directions on the label.
  • You can take it with or without food.
  • Tablet should be swallowed with water.
  • Complete the full prescribed course even if symptoms improve.
  • Note that it does not treat viral infections like the common cold or flu.
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